A Wand Called Fishda

Sometimes, you just need a wand to do your magic. Did you know there’s a wand shop called Ollivanders? Sad to say, I did not see any Fishda wands, but the Sirius Black one is awesome!


With a wand like this, I can hide out where nobody can see and cast mischievous spells. Look out!


Alas, I have yet to get this magnificent sculpted wand. Christmas isn’t too far away. Santa, are you listening? If I don’t get one, I might get crabby.

Got crabby!

Summer is now over, but I might sneak in a few more swim afternoons. I really need to practice my diving board acrobatics.

Oh…yeah, summer’s over. So I’m back in school. I have some cool kids in my class I like to play with, so that’s good. And some of my other buddies are in other classrooms, but we get to play a lot during recess. Maybe we all can get magic wands and do amazing things!