The Last Day of Summer Break

Ugh. It’s the last day of summer break. Why does school have to start so early? Today is August 11th, 2019, and tomorrow is the first day of school. There are plusses and minuses about school.


  • I get to see my friends more often.
  • I get smarter by learning.
  • I get to play with recess equipment.


  • Sometimes, it’s boring.
  • Getting hit by soccer balls hurts.

Okay! Let’s enjoy the last day of summer break while we can. I can play games, I can read, I can crochet, I can knit, I can do all kinds of things, but most of the things I can do here, I can’t do at school. I decide to play games with Mom for a while. And then, I crochet. I’m working on making a bag to hold my stuff. Now it’s lunchtime. It is always hard to make a choice because it seems that whatever I want for lunch, my brother doesn’t want. Ugh, and then he proposes choices that he knows I don’t want. Mom says that my brother got to choose yesterday. Lunch will be my choice today. So I pick a place and we eat there.

Me with a fairy garden

Once we get back, I play outside for a while. (Until I get tired.) So I go inside and feel the nice cool air conditioning. I’m thirsty so I drink some water. Mom asks me if I want to play a game. I tell her that I don’t really want to. But I also ask her if I can read her my favorite book. She says “yes,” so I sit down next to her and read. I also play a few games with her. Soon enough, it’s dinner time. Mom picks up dinner and we sit at the table to eat. After we eat, we watch something. Once the movie is over, I brush my teeth and to to bed. The last day of summer is over.