Summary of Today

Today felt so looooong, so here’s the different parts of today:


I wake up because my dad turns the light on. (“Ugg.” It’s too bright.) And then I realize: it’s Halloween morning! I get up out of bed, quickly. “Happy halloween!” I say, although I’m not sure that my brother is awake. I go out of my room and into the kitchen where I grab a breakfast bar and start eating. Once I’m done, I go brush my teeth in the bathroom, then I go back into my room to get dressed. (I can’t figure out what to wear). By the time I’m done, it’s already almost 7:00. Time to go to school!


At school, I have a sub (again), and her name is Ms. L. We have had her for about a week. On my desk I have:

  • My pencil bag
  • My headphones
  • My almost-a-crochet-bag with yarn and a hook (crochet hook) in it
  • My Connect the Shapes (crochet) book

The first thing that we do in class is our Daily Language Review, as always. Then later, at 9:40, we are supposed to go to recess, but the class can’t keep quiet so we go late. Then at 11:00 we have lunch then lunch recess. And we go out for PE at 2:00 until we get out of school at 3:10. “Finally, the school day is over!” But I still have cello practice at 3:30.

After School

I am trying very hard to finish my halloween bag – this year I’m making it. (remember the almost-a-crochet-bag…that’s the one) I am almost done. I just need to crochet the last grannie square in. It’s almost Halloween and I’m almost done, but then Mom says that I have to get dressed in my costume now. Nooooo! but I’m so close. My costume is pretty interesting. It’s a costume of me being abducted by aliens! My legs are the alien’s legs and my upper body is the upper body of the girl being abducted. The alien has an inflatable head. And the girl being abducted has fake legs.

I bring my crochet with me so that I can keep trying to finish it before Halloween begins. I really hope that I can have a beautiful homemade bag for Halloween. I’m trying to crochet and get my costume on at the same time. It doesn’t work, so eventually I put it down and focus on getting dressed only. Mama helps me the whole time because it’s hard to put on. At Halloween, my bag still isn’t finished, but I use it anyway.

As I walk around the neighborhood I get lots of candy. Someone even gives me a big paper bag because my bag is getting full! Woo hoo! I get a whole bunch of Twix bars and Milky Ways and Snickers.

Halloween is a lot of fun, even though I couldn’t finish my bag in time. I also got a lot of compliments on my costume! When I get home, I eat a few of my candies. Then I brush my teeth, change, and go to bed.