Fun things to do with others while maintaining social distancing

Water Balloons

As long as you stay six feet away from everyone else, you can have a fun, safe, and awesome water balloon war with neighbors and/or friends. All you need is water balloons, buckets, and water to play. You fill up the water balloons and drop them in buckets before grabbing them and trowing them at each other.

Water Guns

A good water gun fight is almost always fun. You need water guns, a water source, and people. The game is simple, fill up your water guns, and shoot at the other players. The goal is to get the other players as wet as possible.

Night at the Museum Game

There needs to be at least three players to play this game because it is like elimination. One person is the museum guard (it), and the others are statues (players). The museum guard closes their eyes and counts to five, while the statues find a pose they can hold. Once the museum guard finishes counting, they open their eyes and look at the statues. If the Museum guard sees a statue moving, that statue is out until the next round. But the catch is, the statues have to move when the museum guard isn’t looking. The last statue standing is the next museum guard. Remember, stay six feet away from others!